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Mon.-Sat. 11:00-14:30 (Lunch) Mon.-Sun. 17:00-00:00 (Dinner)
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Umami Pepper Soup
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Novice Gourmet 2012-07-30
We bought the voucher of this restaurant with a promotional price from the Groupon Website.The price after promotion is considered cheap as a steamboat buffet.The service of the restaurant is good.Whenever you need anything, there would be staff attending you.In addition, there is a variety of choices of food and sauce available, and in large quantity too.We ordered “yun yong” soup – chicken soup & tom yam soup.However, I find the soup tastes normal. Moreover, the crabs here are not fresh and taste weird-.- continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2012-07-24
BBQ Steamboat BuffetUmami Steamboat is located around sunway mentari where it is a stiff competition as there is almost a steamboat restaurant every few blocks away. Umami offers a wide variety of soup from the very basic chicken soup, hot pepper, herbal, fish, tomyam, and umami special.The seafood here is fresh and does taste good especially with the already well tasting soup and the fresh meat open up my appetite.Beside the uncook, there are also a wide variety of cook dishes like assorted fried seafood ball, fried rice, stir fried vegetable which is different from day to day basis.There are also a wide variety of grilled / BBQ dish if all above still doesn't make you drool. They are all equally delicious and with the price of RM26.90 all inclusive, it is a privilege to have free drink and ice cream and dessert toward the end of my meal. One very CRITICAL issue here is the hygiene, there are a LOT of flies and the effort to clear them off is not there. continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2012-07-12
It was another typical steamboat stall we decided to try out! I went with total 20 person including me. Umami offers a huge variety of foods, I think overall was normal, but acceptable. What i like the most is the 'deep fried food station'. Not only steamboat, they also have grilling station located outside the restaurant. You can opt for the healthy version (steamboat) or the not-so-healthy (grill) version to savor your seafood! I found the seafood weren't fresh, at all. Typical pre-packet fish balls, fish cakes, meat balls...Some egg appetizer... With lots of thousand island sauce drizzle on top.. I think this was the only specialty they have The grilling station outside of the restaurant, you can choose anything that you wish to be grilled, and let the waiter serve you!I think overall , the restaurant was just average. continue reading