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Mac 'N' Cheese The Bee Burger The Kitchen Sink
Featured Reviews (27)
Novice Gourmet 2013-12-30
I'm all for home-made ice cream, but I feel that The Last Polka is overrated and overpriced.Yes, the ice cream is very dense and milky. Yes, it tastes fresh and high-quality. But around RM9+ for such a small portion, it's hard to justify, when there are so many better places for ice cream/gelato, and equal or lower prices.Also, the chunks of cake were too big and unevenly distributed in this one; and it's overfrozen, such that you have to wait quite long for it to melt, otherwise it's hard and the flavours can't be tasted. continue reading
Rising Gourmet 2013-08-07
the bee located in the jaya one and here is easy to find parking even it is have many block and restaurant here the cafe is mostly the most happening place is at the ground floor the mostly cafe here is located. here is good to try the burger and sandwich the most famous type and i do like the ice lemon tea here. sweet and sour taste pair with the pasta which have the seafod inside. continue reading
Rising Gourmet 2013-05-25
Sausage topped with Portobello mushroom from The Bee, Publika | I don’t quite recall if the name of this. I loved the mushrooms, but I don’t quite like the sausage. Euro Deli is still the best place for sausages! This is best eaten with hands and not with fork and knife, but it can get messy. Nothing fantastic though.Not the best choice of food to eat at The Bee, should try out the breakfast over there. continue reading