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Fish Head Curry Lamb Shank Nasi Bukhara Soup Ekor
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Rising Gourmet 2012-12-31
I've always preferred the sup daging here as the chef is very generous with the amount of celery, giving the soup a lighter and greener taste (still favourful) compared to many other places where the soup is murky and tastes very meaty. Don't mistaken the green chilli as celery though! The spicy and sour-ish soup is a great appetite opener. I can have this alone with a plate of rice as it has lots of meat inside as well. Costs RM 8 for soup and rice. continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2012-06-10
i have never been to syed bistro because i am not really into mamak food. but my friend had treat me with their best selling biryani bukhara, so this is consider as my first time eating biryani bukhara just tapau (take away) only. heard many good recommendations about their bukhara briyani. i can say that their briyani is so delicious. very generous in portion. i can't finish the rice because it is too many for one person. the chicken is big (quarter size) and mix with the rice. the egg curry also delicious. well, i really love their briyani and will definitely go again to syed bistro to eat their "the one and only" bukhara briyani continue reading