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Mon.-Sun. 10:30-15:00 (Lunch) Mon.-Sun. 17:30-23:30 (Dinner)
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Butter Squid Claypot Crab Rice Freshwater Prawns with Glass Noodles Honey Pork Ribs
Featured Reviews (8)
Novice Gourmet 2016-01-23
We have always been a regular of this place. For both locals or tourists, I'm sure you have heard of the renowned Thean Hou Temple. This restaurant is located just 300m away or so from the bottom of the hill entrance which leads to the temple.There are two areas of the restaurant. The bottom is without air conditioner while the top of the restaurant is much cooler with air conditioner. The steps leading up to the top might be steep for some, just a tip for kids and elderly to be careful of this.As we were all craving for seafood, we had the crabs and noodles. For crabs we had one with the normal steam egg ones and the other two with spicy and sour sauce.The steam one was really good, it was fresh and the steam soy sauce was really fragrant. The egg was silky smooth. The crab meat was fresh too not too soft. As for the spicy and sour sauce, it was too spicy for our liking. The kids couldn't have it at all. Some will be best to paired with fried mantau but this was too spicy and we were too full to order anyway.Nevertheless the seafood was really good. Never fail to disappoint us all the time. continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2013-09-26
The restaurant is very famous on their fresh fish, but they do serve other dish. It is very crowded at this restaurant which full with people during dinner hours. This fried vegetables is recommended by the waitress, the vegetables is very fresh, it fried with some garlic and oil only, you get to taste the green of the vegetables and natural sweet taste of it. We like this fried vegetables a lot and it finish very fast. Portion is filling, service is also acceptable. continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2013-09-25
I would say salted egg fried with any dish will make the dish become tasty, most of the condition is like that. This is my favorite dish fried squid, you can eat it just like that, the crispy of the fried squid after you try once, you can't stop yourself having another one. The squid is slices to small pieces and mix with flour also salted egg to fried together, it is not too salty, the taste is come from the salted egg, plus the crispy of the fried squid, taste good! continue reading