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Dak Bulgogi Deopbap Godeungeo Gui Deobap Ssambap Jeongsik
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Novice Gourmet 2015-11-26
After really liking the food from here, I dragged my friend back with me. Coincidentally it was another rainy evening which I thought was perfect for something nice & warm to enjoy. As always they served us Ban-Chan after we ordered. My favourite is always the Kimchi that is provided and also the ikan bilis. I don't know why but the ones made here is not crispy but instead crunchy - nicely salty and also sweet. I always ask for refill just for this side dish and they are always very accomodating without charging me extra for that.I ordered Beef Bulgolgi which is also a major favourite of mine to get. And for Rm20, including a bowl of rice, it was really worth it. It came in the claypot bubbling and boiling with lots of enoki mushrooms strewn on top of it. The stew tasted really good and the thinly sliced beef was really tender. Eating this with a bowl of steaming hot korean rice made my night so much better.  continue reading
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Novice Gourmet 2015-10-26
This area of Ampang is widely known as little korean town because there is plenty of Korean restaurants and also a supermart. You are spoiled for choice of which establishment you would want to dine at when you're there. Even if you go there often, you would never be able to try them all because there are just that many. A friend recommended to try Korea BBQ Jal-Dae-Ji because he's dined there once before and liked the simple but tasty food that they offered. Unlike many places that has table with the roasting pit at the middle of the table, this did not have that so if you want some BBQ meats they'd grill it for you outside. That means you won't be smelling like grill smoke when you exit the restaurant.What they do serve however is mainly simple almost home-cooked korean food. The side dishes that is offered there isn't plentiful like some other places. But it's all done well even though they are rather simple. The kimchi that they give tastes more homemade than storebought as the pungency of it was just right and then the other dishes tasted pretty good. My favourite were the fried anchovies with peanuts because they were the perfect amount of salty and sweet. Just the side dishes alone was enough to keep me happy with a bowl of steaming hot white rice. But of course we were looking to try their main dishes too. I forgot what this was called. But it's basically a simple soup that has some noodles in it and also pork slices. This is how I imagine the best comfort food to taste like because having this delicately sweet bowl of hot soup with rice and all the banchan made my friend so happy that night. It was not too expensive either as it only cost Rm18 and it comes with rice plus refillable sides. So worth eating there and I would definitely be back to try all the other things on the menu because they were not at all overly expensive but in a good sized portion.  continue reading
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Rising Gourmet 2013-07-16
korean food is something i like when coming to lunch time and in ampang i can get many type of restuarant havign the same thing of the korean food. here have the lfrom lamb, pork chicken and beef and vegetables and also the korean pancake. itry something different for the steamboat style of the kimchi seafood. the kimchi is really spicy enough to my taste bud good taste continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice’s point of view.)