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Rising Gourmet 2013-04-27
Belacan Kangkung. There were a lot of varieties of vegetables offered by this restaurant and we couldn’t miss the belacan kangkung. The belacan was dry and fragrant with some dried shrimp. It was slightly spicy. The paste coated every single kangkung nicely. The kangkung was crunchy as it was fresh, not too soft. It was quite good after all, I wouldn’t mind order it again. continue reading
Rising Gourmet 2013-04-27
Mango kerabu. This dish consisted of cucumber, raw onions and raw mangoes. It also came with two limes and after squeezing some lime to the dish, it has some sour and tanginess. I love the crispiness of the ingredients i.e the onions and cucumber. The raw mango slices were sour and crispy too. Overall, it was a very good appetizer to start the appetite. continue reading
Rising Gourmet 2013-04-27
Asparagus with prawns. This is stir fried version came with some chopped chilli to add some spiciness to it. The asparagus were fresh and crispy. The gravy was not too salty and not too bland. The prawns were good and succulent, it has absorb the flavor of the gray nicely. I wouldn’t mind to order this vegetable dish as it was not very spicy and a bit of a healthy version. continue reading