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Bali Trio Nasi Campur Sate Lilit Siap Bumbu Nasi
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Veteran Gourmet 2013-10-06
Meals in Ole Ole Bali can never be cheap but they make sure they delivered the prices customers or dinners paid. The cosy and comfortable layout of traditional Balinese design with a twist of modern touch instantly settles the mood when enjoying the ole ole meals.The Ole Ole bali bills itself as oriental with a great mix of Indo-Chinese but dominating the flavours is a dizzying array of rice and chicken. Not to mention they are all lovely and designed to optionally be shared while they have meals also designed for a speedy lunch or solo dinners. I need a comforting soft and warm texture for the tummy so first to be served is the Roasted Garlic Mashed Potato which doesn’t have much garlic fragrant in it. And while I don’t appreciate the peppery seasoning, I only enjoy the soft and smooth texture. continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2013-09-17
Mmmm.. the perfect sweet dessert to end the perfect meal at any Ole-Ole Bali outlet. Totally refreshing and delicious. The chopped black grass jelly itself weren't too sweet really; but the generous amounts of rambutan flesh is and give the dessert the perfect overall balance. I'm not too sure if it really is a popular local Balinese dessert but it seems to be popular among Ole-Ole Bali's patrons continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2013-09-17
If you want just Chicken and Fish and not any other seafood; and want them grilled Balinese style with all the obligatory spices.. then really do go for this Combo set. Both were grilled to perfection, and served up with a cob of corn and a small bowl of coleslaw. The gravy which was drizzled all over the dish were really thick, peppery and super flavorful and enhances the overall taste. Super loved it ! continue reading