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Rising Gourmet 2013-08-07
Occubite Muffins & Coffee have another outlet in tropicana city mall and the opening here giving free muffin which have 6 pieces inside and all the muffins is fresh and soft in texture. not too sweet and i just love the taste. but the portion is a little small compare to other muffin offering at the price of RM 12 for usual walk in price.glad to have the free muffin worth the queue up session continue reading
Rising Gourmet 2013-07-05
Occubite Muffins & Coffee is specialized in offering a wide range of muffins and beverages to the people who want something different from the norm. In Occubite, you can find muffins with different choices of filling and garnishes which captures many’s eyes. The names of the delighting muffins are simply well named with meaning behind it.The muffins are all well made and each muffins is having different ingridients as well as toppings and more. Every muffins I can say is well dedicated on its name and the delights is not too sweet as well. All the muffins are indeed well made which is simply delighting as well. continue reading