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Rising Gourmet 2013-07-22
It was a lazy Sunday when i passed this small stalls in the rather deserted outside of the curve shopping mall, ( at the entrance of Tesco). This is a stalls selling freezy dessert, smoothies, snacks, which all about bean.Their Classic Bean Ice-cream attracts my attention. Since its a hot weather out there , i would prefer some groundbreaking dessert, something like soy bean ice-cream. I had a cup of classic ice-cream and my friend tried their cones. The ice-cream cost RM 3.30 for cup and RM3 for a cone.The price is quite reasonable as we had a very large portion of ice-cream, almost twice the size of Mc Donalds cone ice-cream. Its creamy and thick with soy bean taste. However we feel that the ice-cream is too heavy, we were stuffed to the brim after finish the ice-cream. For the cone ice-cream, its not crispy at all. I guess the ice-cream in cup is a better choice and its good to share among 2. continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2013-05-26
As its' name implies; Mr.Beans sells everything related to the Soya Bean. Some are hits, some misses. For me , their Soya Milk is nothing to shout about. Have tasted better at stalls in Pasar Malam. What I love though is their Soybean Ice-Cream. Totally yummy! The best amongst all their products, definitely. It's made from high quality Soy Bean, smooth and totally melts in my mouth.. Mmmmm..Their pancakes range arent bad either.. they have sweet and savory fillings sandwiches in between the soya pancakes. I love the Red Bean continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2012-06-27
Mr.Bean?.. Nice name Just opened recently at The Curve and people are queuing up for their soya milk Gotten myself a try of their food. Their pancake have the Mr.Bean stamped on and looks interesting outside. Packaging is nice as well. Simple Bought the Custard flavour and try... hmm not much taste for the filling. The Pancake was soft and I think the only downside is the custard not giving much flavour. Prefer it to be much sweeter or stronger custard taste. Meantime, also got their Tofufa with rice balls. The rice balls was frozen from supermarket and was nothing really special. The tofufa was soft and nice. They also add in soya milk instead of usual sugar which is a plus.They let me sample their Ice cream which is made from soy milk. Taste great! So in the end. The best of all is their Frozen soy milk ice cream that they let me taste. Price wise, I suppose it is rather expansive compare than usual soya milk and there are better ones out there at the roadsides. continue reading