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Editor's Pick
Rising Gourmet 2016-10-08
The Special V.I.P Menu ..... Jogoya Restaurant since its opening on January 2006 is the Largest Buffet Restaurant in Malaysia, Located on Relish Floor, at Starhill Gallery in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.Using the highest quality of ingredients, the creative and skilled chefs at Jogoya have prepared more than 400 dishes of different style like Chinese, Western, Japanese, Malaysian and a lot of other styles . This has made Jogoya an irresistible place to enjoy delicious cuisines .With a large area of nearly 30000 square feet, Jogoya Buffet KL can accommodate above 600 Guests at a time . The whole interior design is made based on the ’Flowing’ concept and has a variety of dining area such as the disclosed area, semi-disclosed, private seats for couples and the VIP rooms. Jogoya Buffet Restaurants @ Starhill GalleryT3, Relish Floor, Starhill Gallery,181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.E-mail: Contact@jogoyarestaurants.comReservation/Inquiry : +603 – 21421268Hours - Daily 11:30AM - 11:40PM continue reading
Review (129)
Trainee Gourmet 2016-08-03
我是从柔佛来的,来之前听我朋友说kl的自助餐比起jb的很值得吃,今天一到达kl马上来这间日式自助餐大快朵颐说真的,这价位59++到来等于68元,在jb真的不用跟这里比,真的差太远。。。这里的食物种类真的蛮多样化,类似这样的阵容jb我试过要一百多元,想不到kl六十多元就能享受到了不过我发现很多食物处理都比较差强人意,烤三文鱼太干没有口感,冰冻花蟹海鲜类肉质非常差和拿到一份烤虾肉质是软绵绵,就是糜了。。。虽然缺点蛮多,不过胜在种类繁多尤其是甜品部,真的很赞加上才六十八元还是可以一试的 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice’s point of view.)
Trainee Gourmet 2016-04-19
the food there a lot of varierty. beside that the enviroment there super nice.the food there espescially the durian cake is very delicious continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice’s point of view.)
Novice Gourmet 2015-12-28
Whenever we planned to have big celebration, JOGOYA would always popup in my head. There’s a lot of people on the day I went, some more it’s a weekday. Probably because of the end year promotion by Jogoya.Nothing much to shout about the Christmas decoration here, just something usual.It's a tad pricey to dine here, so be prepared. But sometimes we just have to forget about the price and of coz calories!When it comes to buffet, my golden rule is, always started from the cooked food. It warmed your stomach up and somehow boosted your appetite to eat more!Anything that comes baked in a pot, means hearty food for meA delicious sashimi that can fuel your tummy. Beautifully presented to stimulate your please centre.The dim sum section, I was told that there were Xiao Long Bao before, too bad I didn’t see any of them.Jogoya do have the dining direction for some foods, very thoughtful of them!You can also order cooked food from the Chinese food section! It took roughly 15 mins to prepare.As for the dessert sections, having over 10 varieties of cakes, herbal soups, cookies, puddings and Marshmallow Chocolate dip each day.Two choices of ice-cream, New Zealand Natural and Haagen-Dazs. They also served cocktail drinks, smoothies, soft drinks, varieties of teas and coffee.Different types of Tong Shui! Really thumbs up for it!Other than the variety types of fresh foods, I would say that the nice serving from waiters/waitresses was an added point. Would definitely go back again, because you can never try all of the foods if you only came once! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice’s point of view.)