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Novice Gourmet 2015-10-30
Who didn’t know about this famous place? I mean, this place was all over the TV and people was craving to come and dine in here.Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur near the Dang Wangi area, the shop was always packed with people. There would never be such a thing that this shop is not crowded. It was so famous that it makes the area jammed pack with cars trying to find a parking spot. So coming here with my motorcycle was a clever step.The shop give you the exact western feel because of the decoration and lighting. The shop looked like a ranch where people wears cowboy hats and boots. The food was fabulous and original. The food was terribly awesome and the plates were full to ensure you don’t come home craving for any other snack. The meal varies from a simple chicken chop to the fancy venison steak or some New Zealand beef. There are even a set with Moroccan rice to fill your big o tummy. So there will be choice for everybody.I planned to have a change of taste and here I am, suddenly ordering their Mixed grill and my friend ordered the Chicken Combo because he was feeling fancy. It was packed and it took some effort to call out the worker to order our food. Luckily the food arrives within minutes because my stomach was grumbling and we were both are starving. The food is a joyful and merry.My stomach felt happy. My mixed grill consist of one piece of grilled steak, one grilled lamb, a small fillet of grilled chicken and 2 playful little grilled prawn. There were also their must have french fries and coleslaw complete with two piece of bread with the total price of RM15.00. It was more than affordable. The oriental gravy were poured all over the foods and it was satisfying. Though the steak were a little bit overcooked, everything else was fine and perfect.On the other hand, the RM14.50 Chicken combo is a platter put with fried chicken chop, a piece of tempura fish and chip, 2 prawn and 2 pieces of mussel. And then of course, their french fries and coleslaw. The difference was, the gravy was black pepper flavored and they even provide some thousand island sauce and lemon slice to be eaten with the tempura fish and chip.Our hunger was justified and satisfied. It was a happy time and happy surrounding for us. We both had great time and will surely come again to taste other western food they had to offer.  continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2013-09-23
Inilah makanan pertama Western yang aku cuba dedulu. Kat sini memang boleh dipuji sebab Chicken Chopnya sedap dan sesuai juga untuk kanak-kanak sebab tak pedas. Ayam memang crispy sebab menggunakan kaedah menggoreng. Dihidangkan bersama kentang goreng dan coleslaw. Cuma agak tak puas hati sebab coleslaw sikit dan tak ada roti. Harga pun berpatutanlah. continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2013-09-23
Biasanya kalau aku order jus tembikai kat memana restoran, jarang dapat yang pekat dan likat. Tapi kat HR Steak House aku dapat yang macam tu. Memang taste aku lah! Dah la gelas besar, lepas tu rasanya pun manis-manis buah sebab aku minta kurang manis. Just rasa buah tembikai yang sebenarnya. Memang asalnya tembikai tu memang manis kot kan, so bagi aku rasa air tembikai ni just perfect! continue reading