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Deep Fried Fish Head Beehoon in Clay Pot Herbal Chinese Wine Soup Home Town Clear Soup Home Town Ice Cream Fondue Home Town Porridge in Claypot Home Town Steamboat Signature Tom Yam Soup
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Novice Gourmet 2014-05-31
Hometown steamboat not only is well known with its steamboat, but its cheesy pot as well. It is like a side dish cost around 19. It is a pot with cheese soup inside. It comes with french fries, fried pork/fish. Hot the cheese and put in the fries inside. The delicious cheese will fill your mouth and super yummy!!! Nice Cheese, but remember not to eat too much. Cheese will kill appetite o. continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2014-05-31
Hometown steamboat one of the best in kota damansara. It is not a buffet style. One person may need to spend more than RM 20. But it guarantees the freshness of food and tasty soup. The free us some noodles so that we can get full. Having steamboat in big bunch of people here are good! The tomyam soup really tastes awesome. everyone loves it.  continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2013-09-02
A group of friends we were having steamboat gathering in Kota Damansara. Thanks for one of our friend organising such gathering let us taste such great steamboat. We have our steamboat cooked with soup, tom yum and porridge flavour! Seafood add on to the soup and porridge is a perfect match! Prawn acts very important role in steamboat! Without it, will be tasteless! We love the prawns, meatballs, fish balls, bean curds and many other food! Especially the chicken wings, when it started to serve, finished quickly too! The restaurant non-stop cooking yummy chicken wings to serve their customers! Awesome dinner and gathering we were having tonight! Environment not bad too! continue reading