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Novice Gourmet 2014-01-23
这里的环境很好,服务也很好,只是门口招待面色有点差,虽说我去时也没有很多人,看了菜单,Miso Hotate Ramen非常的吸引我,除了pavillion的ramen,如果去连锁的日本餐都不敢点,因为通常会有很重的黄面味。幸好这里的ramen超好吃的,一切搭配的刚刚好,尤其是汤头,miso不是只有‘死死’的咸味,而是香甜咸味都有,面也很弹牙,完全没有吃黄面的感觉,hotate还有5粒,每粒都很有嚼劲和好吃,吃不到腥味。平时不喜欢吃蛋黄的我,搭配汤头一起吃就会变很好吃了。其他配料还有:紫菜,海带,玉米 continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2013-12-20
Located on the 3rd Floor of The Gardens Mall, this restaurant has an extensive entrance with a spacious, comfy and cozy interior. The interior is kept clean at all times and the design gave a hint of the modern Japanese style. Customers were welcomed, greeted and brought to their respective seats by friendly and attentive staff.Just like most of the Japanese restaurants, Hokkaido Ichiba bears an open kitchen concept whereby customers are able to watch the process of the food preparation by the chefs. There was no large crowd seen when I was there. Do not get me wrong, this "phenomenon" has got nothing to do with the quality and taste of the food of the restaurant. This occurred as I went there at 4.00 p.m., where the lunch crowd has left and the crowd for dinner has yet to arrive. The Ebi Gyoza is something that i find uncommon as this dumpling cannot be found in most Japanese restaurants. Most of the restaurants serve only Chicken Gyoza. The Ebi Gyoza was filled with fresh, juicy and succulent prawns (unlike the "stale" prawns that you usually get outside). Moreover, the skin was neither overly thick nor overly thin. The soy-vinegar dipping sauce blended really well with the gyozas. One of the must-try dishes for prawn lovers!Soft-shell crab anyone? The battered deep-fried soft shell crab wrapped with lettuce and rice was delicious. The soft shell crab was still warm and crispy when served and the flying-fish roe topping the roll was also huge and crunchy. Those fish roe used was at least two times larger than those tiny fish roe that we usually see on top of makis. This Spider Roll is probably one of the makis that we can easily find in Japanese restaurants, but sushi and maki lovers should definitely try out the Spider Roll in Hokkaido Ichiba. continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2013-11-07
A very nice fried soba with fresh prawns. The prawns are big and medium-cooked to keep it fresh and juicy. It tastes very sweet due to its Japanese sauce but overall is not bad.Another thing I need emphasis is their service is very good and very nice ambiance if you are looking for a place to have some business talk. Next to this restaurant there is a little shop which sells desserts in Japanese style. Go for their set lunch will be more worthwhile. continue reading