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Mon.-Sun. 08:00-21:00
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Serves breakfast
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Almond Apollo Brioche Caramel Brioche Macaron Soft Shell Crab Salad Spaghetti Napolitan
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Novice Gourmet 2015-12-08
In my opinion, there are already many people know about Ficelle Boulangerie & Patisserie it provides a wide range of food for customer whether to dine in or buy pastries.I think not really many people know about its breakfast menu. Ficelle provides its own breakfast menu everyday from 8am to 10.30am. This breakfast set comes with a cup of free tea or americano coffeeAmong the options, I like Eggs Benedict the most and sometimes I miss the chance to have it if I am late This set costs RM 15.80. As you can see from tthe picture, it contains two portions in a dish so for people who don't have a big appetite can two people share a plate. The structure is a piece of round bread layered boiled spinach, a juicy beef patty and a well poached eggand lastly it is topped with some chili powder.Every type of breakfast comes with seasoned salad and potato wedges. For the beverage, I personally like peach tea it has a peach fragrance but to overpower and remove the greasiness if you are too full.  continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2014-01-10
这个是靠近旧巴生路 (Old Klang Road) 那边的 Ficelle Boulangerie Patisserie,也是 Levain 分行。Ficelle 的法文读音是: fi-sé-lé,就是法棍,俗称法国面包。 (Baguette)Chicken Karaage Don RM11.80我就是被那个木制的碗吸引了才叫这碗饭的,送上桌的时候,味道很香,但是鸡肉太油了。我不喜欢那么油的鸡肉…Coffee Jelly RM4.50那一小罐奶油可以淋下去吃~ 奶油淡淡的,味道像很浓很浓的牛奶。咖啡果冻很 Q 弹,咖啡味不会很浓,微苦。口感就好像在吃立体的牛奶咖啡。Hanjuku Cheese Cake RM3.30这个芝士蛋糕其实只是很小个罢了~ 只能用来塞牙缝啦~ 哈哈!!芝士的部分好吃,也是软软的,像 New York Cheese 的口感。Mini Chocolate Croissant RM1.30/pc这个小牛角面包比早餐的牛角吃起来更脆!外层的巧克力不会溶溶的~ 所以不会吃到满嘴都是巧克力~ 这个便宜又好吃!推荐!Mushroom Salami Pizza RM4.80有很多黄梨,整体吃起来是甜甜的!好吃~!你还可以要求他们重新烤热给你!Croissant with Ham & Scramble Egg RM8.80这是早餐哦,早餐是从 8am 卖到 10.45am 而已的!他们出菜很快~ 我都还没想好要吃什么面包,就已经送上桌了。牛角面包比起 Levain 的更松软,也比较湿润。Levain 的牛角比较脆,吃起来也比较干。那个沙拉油是用 “蒜头油” 调味的,很香,很好吃。 continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2013-09-25
点了这个巧克力榛果蛋糕,上层的巧克力味道很浓郁,虽然只有薄薄的一层,但是味道却很浓郁,中间的慕斯很顺滑绵密,吃起来立刻在嘴巴里面化开,下面的榛果蛋糕整个吃起来很香。 continue reading