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Rising Gourmet 2013-11-08
Café Au LaitOther than the usual Latte, in the end, decide to start off the morning with a cup of Café Au Lait, from Coffee Planet. This variety contains more milk composition as compared to the former. Therefore, you get to taste a much milkier and smoother coffee with nice aroma of roasted fresh coffee beans. Most of the beans used are of Arabica breed and thus, a fuller bodied of coffee could be expected. You might want to give its Black Coffee a try too. It is actually not too bad, considering it’s not as bitter as what I might have imagine for a non-espresso drinker Of course, you may still choose to add in sugar or creamer as per you liking. continue reading
Rising Gourmet 2013-03-12
Spreading its wings to Southeast Asia, Dubai-based caffeine specialist Coffee Planet has launched a sixth-floor cafe with a view at Petronas Tower Three.Coffee Planet begins orbiting the tower's Sky Lobby at 7am weekdays; breakfast platters cost RM12.50, but folks who order coffee enjoy a 50 percent discount. Scrambled eggs, sausage, baked beans, bread, butter & jam for only RM6.25.Scones, laced with lots of pieces of cranberries. Only RM3.25 (with the coffee discount).Warm, juicy wraps of piri-piri chicken & corn. Actually addictive.Coffee Planet's menu is a mishmash of cross-continental sensibilities, which explains this briyani-like rice platter with tender beef & potatoes.Try the cheesecake, more sumptuously creamy than expected, lightly sprinkled with pistachios.Coffee's not half-bad, made with Arabica beans. Not KL's best, but OK. Coffee art & other presentation points need more work, sure. continue reading