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Coca Stuffed Prawn Stuffed Crab Shell
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Rising Gourmet 2012-12-10
One of Subang Parade's better outlets, Coca has earned a reputation as one of those hardy survivors in the cutthroat restaurant business. We chose a bunch of stuff for our steamboat selection, including seaweed rolls, top shell, sea asparagus, garoupa fish fillet, organic golden mushrooms, stuffed young corn and fish glue. Ta-da! The mixture was satisfying enough, but not the best we've ever had. Deep-fried stuffed freshwater prawns. Reasonably priced and nicely prepared. Coca Special Curry Live Crab. The curry was sweet, tasty and not spicy at all, but it kinda overpowered the crab. Still, we mopped it up with the bread. BBQ chicken. Our favourite for the night. Astoundingly succulent & flavourful. Mango pulut with durian paste. A hearty portion, but mediocre & overpriced. House white wine to wash it all down. continue reading
Rising Gourmet 2012-08-10
Chicken broth, which I think was MSG laden, as I felt very thirsty after the dinner. So-so and nothing to shout about. It is an additional RM10 if you want half tomyam and half chicken broth.The set consists of 2 mixed vegetables, 2 eggs, fuchuk, dumplings, fish balls, fish paste, prawns, tofu, green mee, stuffed squid, chicken pieces and other ingredients. The stuffed squid was filled with minced meat and prawns and it was really tasty. The fish paste and fish balls were springy in texture and were fresh. The dumpling fillings had too little minced meat, with thick skin. The prawns were fresh. The plate of flatten minced meat was flavourful.Dipped with thai sauce together with garlic and some chilli, it was awesome. continue reading