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Angry Bird Cake Breads & Buns
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Rising Gourmet 2014-04-02
A usual place that I would be passing by whenever going to gym.A decent array of bakeries are offered here, ranging from cake, breads, cheese to loaves. And definitely would tune to have cheesy pastries, call it an unexplainable naturally affinity? ^_^The Cream Cheese mini loaf serves to make a light snack to fill up the hunger pang in between. Bread is soft encasing the creamy filling. But should you prefer something more savory, then the triangular Tuna Bun is good to go too. Filled with chunky meat and not overwhelmed by mayo, therefore making it suitable for anyone’s taste bud.  continue reading
Rising Gourmet 2014-04-01
Chocolate Cream CheeseAnother decent bakery found at Viva Home. This Chocolate Cream Cheese is actually not too bad. The fluffy bread nicely encase the chocolaty filling that is not too sweet but delish. Something new from the conventional original Cream Cheese Bun. Yum!  continue reading
Rising Gourmet 2013-12-05
Black Sesame LoafAfter several rounds of green tea fanatic season, finally now am switching over to another flavor which is equally wholesome too. It is the Black Sesame Loaf, that is presented in greyish colour but still less darker than charcoal type. The bread is baked till fluffy and with decent amount of black sesame, so that you could actually enjoy the aroma. Best to spread it with some light butter for a simple and hearty breakfast. continue reading