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Butter Prawn Green Curry Chicken Lok Choop
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Novice Gourmet 2012-07-30
Bangkok House offers wide variety of Thai dishes, from Chef specialties to appetizers, salads, soup, curry, vegetables, variety of meats such as duck, chicken, mutton, seafood, rice, noodles and egg. It beverages menu is just as interesting and variety to offer. Our final dish was medium size Kai (Fried chicken with Bangkok House sauce), small size cost RM15.00, medium size cost RM25.00 and large size cost RM40.00 before tax. The dish is also looks like the local Cantonese style "sweet and sour deep fried pork" (koo lo yoke). The fried chicken with onions and thinly sliced chillies mixed with the sauce was taste sweet and sour made it very appetizing. In terms of freshness, it was certainly cannot tell as it has done it deep fried. continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2012-07-27
Our next choice was a small size Phad Phak Ruam Kung (Stir fried mix vegetables with prawns), small size cost RM14.00, medium size cost RM25.00 and large size cost RM40.00 before tax. This is the dish that looks so much like Cantonese style of cooking. The prawns were pretty big and fresh. Baby sweet corns were sweet and the gravy was so much of our local Cantonese dish. Portion was just right for a few of us to eat. continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2012-07-27
Our next dish was small size Tod Mun (Fish cake), Thai Famous Fried Fish with spices, small portion cost RM15.00, large portion cost RM25.00 before tax. There were 4 pieces in a plate served with Thai sweet and sour chilli dipping.Fried Fish cake is made of fish paste, I found some curry taste, I believe it must have put a small amount of curry powder, thin sliced long bean as well as kaffir lime leaves to mix together. Taste special than our local fish cake and mild spicy except that it was a little bit oily. continue reading