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Trainee Gourmet 2016-05-02
First try out in this restaurant. Had late lunch here with my man. We ordered 2 coke, 1 warm water, 1 ocean blue Lassi, 2 Mexican burger and 1 banana split. Total cost RM 69.05 including GST. As we are really hungry, we expect our order to be fast. As people said, a hungry man is a angry man. The ocean blue Lassi and our first coke was quite slow. It's kinda weird for the coke to be slow too. The ocean blue Lassi is not nice plus the syrup floats above only and it will get harden if you don't drink it for a while. After, we have our banana split first. Ice cream are cooling and good as it won't go wrong. And our Mexican burger was served to us awhile after the banana split. The burger is good. A little pepperish taste. Lastly, we ordered for 1 warm water but it took quite slow still so we didn't have it and left after paying for the bill which included the warm water that didn't come. I would think twice before stepping in here again. continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2013-06-19
My daughter suggested we try out El Migos. after browsing the menu, i finally settled for their crispy chicken chop served with thai sauce and rice. the chicken was deep fried till very crispy. the acidity of the thai sauce gave the dish a special sour twist. despite being deep fried, the chicken chop is very tender and juicy. it was indeed a very delicious meal. continue reading